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What is Rest? It's Not Just Sleep!

deep health sleep Jul 31, 2022
Woman wearing pajamas in bed enjoying a cup of coffee

Have you noticed that ever since the health event of 2020 we are hearing more and more about sleep, rest, and restorative practices?? Well, maybe it's just me since it is what I do!?!

Regardless if you have been hearing a lot about rest and sleep or not these are VERY important parts of promoting better health and wellness.

Sleep and the lack there of can often be at the root of wellness issues. The lack of sleep adversely affects our deeper health.

Rest, on the other hand isn't always "sleep." Having regular creative practices, hobbies or pastimes can be restorative and have a positive impact on your overall wellness. These "restful" activities can help to lower blood pressure, calm the nerves, promote better circulation and promote a better overall mindset.

Restful activities are things like:

  • Daily Prayer and Meditation
  • Playing frisbee with a friend or loved one
  • Make a Holy Hour (or Holy Half Hour) with the Blessed Sacrament
  • Spending time with a girlfriend over coffee or tea
  • Quietly reading a book that promotes truth, beauty, and goodness
  • Clean out a drawer in your home
  • Writing a note to a friend telling her how grateful you are for her - then send it in the mail!
  • Enjoy a hot Epsom Salt bath
  • 30 minute Pietra Fitness Gentle Class
  • Take a walk with a friend
  • Listen to peaceful music (while you clean out that drawer)
  • Dance with your husband, kids or a friend

Do I ever "really" Rest?

Take a moment and evaluate the past few days. Have you taken some time to authentically rest? Are you smashing as much as you can in your day to the detriment of your health? Ask God for the grace to see where in your life you can begin to truly rest so you may live the integrated life to the fullest. What is ONE thing you can do TODAY to cultivate rest? Well, now go do that ONE thing!

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