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Good Friday: W.A.I.T. - Silence of Speech

book study integrated life lent liturgical life Mar 29, 2024

I sat there, with my foot in my mouth... again... as I tried to defend myself in another silly argument with my husband. We discussed family topics and in a push of will I wanted him to see it "my way"... and then, I did it... in my frustration, I mumbled something just loud enough for him to hear... and it wasn't very nice. 

So many times in our marriage I have kept talking when it would be MUCH better for me to be silent. This year's word: Presence has caused me to lean much more into silence and order. This Lent has been more about silence for me. 

During Lent I read the book Holy Silence by Father Basil Nortz with a group of close friends. The book yielded many great, deep and vulnerable conversations. It was a beautiful book to be reading alongside Passio Christi this Lent. In fact, it's so good that it will be the fall 2024 book study for the ICW community! 

In his book, Father says, "speech is one of the noble prerogatives of our human nature. It is a great dignity, and like all great dignities, it carries a great responsibility. It must be used well, in accord with the will of God." 

Here I am now entering into the Sacred Triduum. I am willingly entering into a place of waiting, silence and humility. 

In the beautiful tradition of the Church she recommends silence on Good Friday (keeping speaking to a minimum - refraining from noisy tasks, abstaining from laughing and joking). I am praying for this Grace from God to assist me this year... the Grace to ask myself W.A.I.T. - "Why Am I Talking"? Do my words help, hurt or save? If none of these... then, silence. 

Today, no Masses are said.

On this day I commit to fast from words and food. As I prepare my heart and home for the Great Sabbath, I will remain close to Jesus and Mary - in the silence of my heart and mind!

Here's to a silent day...  "Behold the wood of the Cross, on which hung the Salvation of the world; Come let us adore."



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