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The Van that Love Built!

Apr 19, 2023

Our family has been camping and enjoying the outdoors for many years... Mountain Biking, Stand Up Paddling, Hiking, Trail Running, Rowing, Duathlon, Triathlon, Marathons, Adventure Races - you name it we were out there experiencing it! 

As our sons grew up... and we got older it was time for us to have a van we could stand up in! We went from a Land Cruiser camper, to a Roof Nest (rooftop tent), to a VW Synchro to finally a Sprinter! We definitely couldn't afford to purchase a sprinter camper van! So, we decided to do-it-ourselves! Here's a small peek at the 2.5 years of Saturdays that were spent building our special "studio apartment on wheels." 

We used the van during the whole build process! The van has already accommodated us* all over NC (Mountains to Coast), SC, GA, KS, MI, WV, VA, AR, TN, KY, OH, and now... we're headed WEST!

Our Lady of the Highways, Pray for Us! 

*we don't count states we've only driven through :-) 

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