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The Foundation of the Integrated Life - Let GO & Let God!

integrated life prayer Sep 08, 2021

Years ago when beginning my own wellness journey it was precisely my spiritual health (or, lack thereof) that was holding me back from seeing any success in my wellness pursuit. Running, weight training, supplements, limiting sugar, adding more veggies, getting to bed earlier - all good things, right?! Something (or rather someone) was missing... JESUS!

Physically, I had reached what trainers call a "plateau" and I couldn't break through it. I tried every tweak: resting more, drinking weird recovery drinks, speed training, eating smaller meals more frequently and stretching longer, NOTHING was working!

Then, like a bolt He reached me - it was on a morning run when He revealed the beauty He was longing for me to see. As the sun rose over the rolling hills in the small North Carolina town where we were living He reached out and invited me to more. My pace quickened, my heart soared as He told me His plans for me and then I asked, "How Lord, how do I make this happen? He replied, not you ME - I will make these things happen, when you LET me. I was shocked and I asked Him what do you mean 'let You?' He responded, give me your heart and give me your time."

I could feel the warmth of the sun on my smiling tear streaked face - I stopped in my tracks - turned toward home (I took the shortcut) and ran like I was a young girl light and bouncing with glee! I arrived home, showered, made breakfast for my sons, and as we began our homeschool day I felt peace that was beyond all understanding!

From that day forward I give the Lord the first fruits of the day. He desires my heart and my time - He wants me to show up and He waits for me. He doesn't require pretty penmanship, stacks of books or memorized Bible verses - He just wants me and my heart.. on good days and not so good days - everyday.

That plateau - BUSTED - when I gave all of me to Him! Turns out that His will for me was that I reach that goal. After breaking through that plateau He led me on a wellness journey that continues today through the gift of this Integrated Catholic Woman community! ALL of you are the beauty He revealed on that early countryside run over 15 years ago!

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