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New Course - NOW OPEN! - YOU can Cultivate Better Cycle Health!

deep health femm integrated life menopause Sep 18, 2023

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to assist your body in doing what it is meant to do? 

Did you know that you CAN assist your body's natural function through simple practices? 

Cultivating a healthy cycle takes time and when implementing simple lifestyle habits you can transform your health. I invite you to join Megan Blum and I for a 4-week "whole woman deep dive course" Cultivating Your Cycle Health.*

This course is for ALL women who are: married, single, postpartum, pregnant, nursing, pre-menopause, post menopause and women moving thorough HRT! Your hormone health is important not only to your overall health but also your long-term health. Regardless of your "season" this course is for you! 

Join us for four 90-minute sessions of diving deep into the ovulatory cycle: 

Session 1 October 17: Cycle patterns over time provide clues: Hormones and Food

Session 2 October 24: Cycle patterns over time provide clues: Integrate Your Cycle Part 1

Session 3 November 7: Cycle patterns over time provide clues: Integrate Your Cycle Part 2

Session 4 November 14: Cycle patterns over time provide clues: Is MY Cycle Healthy?

Early Registration is now open and will continue through October 1, 2023. Register early and save $50

Join me, Betsy Hoyt, FEMM Educator and Women’s Wellness professional along with Megan Blum, PA-C, FEMM Medical Management Practitioner for a 4-week deep dive into your Ovulatory Health!

The Deep Dive Begins October 17, 2023 at 8:00 pm Eastern - All sessions are recorded and available to registrants until December 31, 2023. MEMBER BONUS: Receive $50 off regardless of your registration date AND enjoy access to the course (and a whole library of wellness/women's health resources) until June 31, 2024!**

Your course also includes a printable workbook, quick reference guides and more! All of these resources WILL assist you in learning what simple things you can do to assist your body's natural function. 

Megan and I cannot wait to take this journey with you! Register today -- you will not regret it

*During this course we are not diagnosing 

** Current and new members in good standing

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