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Lent Recipes on Repeat

Feb 26, 2024

Last week while chatting with friends after Mass one remarked to my husband, "Craig, have you lost weight?Don't you know you don't enter Lent "lean"!

We all had a good laugh... but isn't it true that sometimes our preparations for Lent can be a little "lean." Stick with me here - we make some spiritual plans, fasting (or "giving up') plans and some almsgiving plans and then... and I'm speaking for myself, I fail to make CONCRETE plans in HOW I will execute these plans. 

The year was 2015 and I remember it well.. the year our oldest would graduate from High School. (Also the year the ICW Community was born! ) Our home was bustling with so much activity: Senior year stuff, sports (cycling and rowing), parish work, and 2 fledging businesses!! I HAD to plan our time well... and that included MEALTIME! 

Lent was no exception! I made a plan to prepare 3 recipes on repeat throughout the Fridays in Lent. It was the best Lent that year as Fridays were no longer stressful and during my Friday Fast I began looking forward to breaking the fast with my family around a nice simple meatless meal!

Since 2015 there are a few new ones in the rotation. Regardless, here are the three recipes that I continue to happily prepare and my family enjoys: 

Skillet Spinach Pie 

Skillet Mac & Cheese

Slow Cooked Black Bean Burrito Bowls (we use black beans instead of pintos)

Here's to Lent & The Great Fast!  Let me know which recipes you use on repeat during Lent! Send me a message at [email protected]

 Photo Credit: Christina Holmes

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