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Happy Meno-versary to me! My Menopause Journey Continues...

deep health femm integrated life menopause resilience Jan 12, 2024

Menopause is only a day... and that was a year ago today! 

Have you ever had the pleasure of reading a looong and very good book? You're excited for the ending but not sure what to do next?? Well, my friend, that's how I felt on January 11th and 12th of last year - when I experienced menopause! 

So far, post menopause has continued to be a time of ADVENTURE! I'm glad to be on the other side... but it it still has it's share of challenges! 

Part 1 of my Menopause journey can be accessed here 

I spent 2023 exploring post menopause. During last year I had the ups and downs of hormone regulation techniques. My symptoms have not been life interrupting and I thank God for that!

Craig and I spent the year traveling, and adapting to my new health journey - God love my husband, he was so patient with me and my mood swings. They weren't too drastic and since I'm already a woman who cries over babies and answered prayers he really didn't notice too much of a change - LOL! 

Follow Up Blood Work & Physical Changes 

In February last year I began consistent workout classes using weight and my own bodyweight to begin working on strengthening and toning the muscles in my hips, gluteals, lower back and core. With this directed exercise I began to see my waistline inches diminish - it took a lot for this Personal Trainer to get over herself and be the STUDENT in the gym! By the grace of God it was a relatively smooth transition. 

Resistance exercise and increased protein are the BEST things for peri & post menopausal women! Both of these elements improve metabolic health and longevity... not to mention it does wonders for: the waistline, energy level and SLEEP! The increased movement and nutrient density of my diet have improved the IBS - I had 2 flares as my nutrition improved and none since March. 

During Holy Week my dad had emergency triple bypass surgery and the stress... yikes! We weathered that storm and then took off for our 30-for-30 trip! What a fruitful trip we had... we saw so much of our beautiful country and caught up with special friends and family! 

Remember last year my sleep was being impacted from my hormone shift, however, since remaining consistent with exercise, DHEA and Selenium, Ashwaganda and Magnesium, sleep is rejuvenating once again!

During the summer months I had Follow Up Labs done to see where my metabolic health was - Megan ordered the OGTT-I test (Oral Glucose Two Hour w/Insulin). It was a long morning in the lab - but it was worth it!

A few weeks later I received the best news and the hardest news: My numbers were STELLAR and I need keep doing what I was doing! Yep, all the HARD WORK had to continue. It was a hard lesson for me to internalize -- and for those of you who are coached 1:1 by me KNOW the sustainable changes we make are HARD... and require WORK! The idea that nutrition, exercise, hydration, supplements, sleep hygiene -- all the things-- are "one and done" is a MYTH! All of these are a process. A process which requires systems, followed by actions which soon become HABITS... and as Integrated Catholic women we know that with our concupiscence maintaining good habits is hard work... daily work.. necessary work, and definitely sanctifying work. 

We finished out the summer in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and cruised into the Fall.

In October, I had my BHP (Basic Hormone Panel) run again - guess what?!? My Prolactin was down - woohooo! I was able to avoid taking a pill and again the work I was doing was paying off... but... the jury is still out on a few other numbers as my labs will be drawn again in the spring to be sure things are still smooth sailing. 

In November I had an MRI on my lower back and hip and it turns out... I'm getting older! I have an issue with a nerve which is probably the culprit for my hip and leg issue. The orthopedist said, "I wish all of my patients were like you! But, I would be out of a job if that were the case." We both chuckled and he encouraged me to keep doing what I'm doing. I have come to terms with this little "cross" as each day I learn to live with it and offer it for so many of you who are going through waaaay bigger things! I actually am grateful for it - grateful for the opportunity to offer it for all of the beautiful women in this community! 

Also, in November I had the wonderful opportunity to present two pre-menopause cases to the FEMM community during an international webinar on Pre/PeriMenopause and Menopause. It was amazing to learn about the new research and a privilege to share two very special cases with the FEMM community of educators and professionals! 

In December, Craig and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary with a quiet dinner at a special local restaurant and spent the evening reviewing our year and remembering all the beautiful people, places and events that we were so blessed to be a part of! 

Now here we are in January and I can honestly say... menopause, it's not so bad... it's a good "teacher."

What Menopause is Teaching Me 

The gravity of my passing fertility is still a little tinge now and again when reminiscing my children in their youth, realizing the rapid passing of time and that my time here is limited. With God's Providence, Mercy and Love I look forward to this next season with so much anticipation! 

Menopause is teaching me:

+ To listen to & honor my body as a beautiful and wondrous work of God. 

+ That my daily exercise and nutrition are WORHTY efforts which require daily work and attention.

+ That as a postmenopausal woman God is using my experience and gifts for His Glory! 

+ That God is so gracious to me as He assists me in this season. 

There is so much gratefulness in my heart for: my marriage, my sons and ALL of you who have journeyed with me through the years! 

Menopause for me has been an incredible experience of God's grace and a reminder of His beautiful creation of the Female Human Body. 

Are you Pre/PeriMenopausal, Menopausal or Post Menopausal? 

This season of your life can be a frustrating time, I get it! I am happy to journey with you through it! Please reach out and let's chat! I offer 30 minute hormone coaching sessions for $35 - you do not have to do this alone, I am here to help! Send me an email at [email protected] to book your session. 

This spring be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a NEW self-paced COURSE on Perimenopause and Menopause! Megan Blum and I are presenting this course as a pre-recorded course so we may offer it at an affordable price for all of you who desire to know more about this season of life and also become equipped with some tools and strategies to move through the transition well. 

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