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Cultivate Rest - Lenten Strategies to Help Us on Our Journey

lent rest Mar 14, 2022

Usually, when entering the Second Week of Lent I find myself slipping in my Lenten Sacrifices and Practices. Yesterday, during Mass I was reminded to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and ask Him to infuse His Grace into my thoughts, actions, discussions, and even my sufferings. I pray that His Grace will also pour over these things in your life!

When my life is harried and I am exhausted it is VERY hard to stay focused on Jesus! I am easily distracted, frustrated and irritable. This Lent I am choosing REST over busyness.

Strategies for Cultivating Rest

Let's start with Sundays - this is a day of Worship and rest. NOT a time for planning the week ahead. As many ICW clients know I am a proponent of Saturdays as a meal and/or week planning opportunity. Protect your Sundays and I promise your week can be peaceful!

Rest can also be a part of each day through mindful scheduling where you have a few minutes of recollection between appointments. Here are some ideas to help you wrap your mind around rest:

+ Keep a book at your desk or in your car so when the time is right, read instead of scrolling.

+ Pack an extra pair of shoes in your bag or car for an impromptu walk between activities/appointments.

+ Look at your week and plan to see/meet a friend for a coffee, a walk or BOTH!

+ Choose one night this week for a hot bath - quiet time that will also repair those sore muscles when you add some Epsom Salts.

+ Check into Pietra Fitness' Online Studio and choose a class like: Deep Breathing at the Beach

Lenten Reading As Rest

Taking time each day to rest in Him helps me to say "yes" to His Grace. Rest is not always a nap for me. Typically, rest is a good book that draws me deeper into my relationship with my Redeemer. Here is a short list of books which just might help you in your Lenten Journey:

Whatever you do to cultivate rest this Lent please be assured of my prayers as you enter more deeply into this Lenten Season!

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