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Books I read in 2022 and what's on the list for 2023

book study integrated life rest Dec 28, 2022

Books I read this year… 

Reading is something that I have spent most of my adult life learning to enjoy. Choosing a book and then committing to read it are two completely different things! As a homeschool mom of 15+ years you can imagine the books abound in our home. In 2020 I spent WEEKS going through our books curating them and yes… sadly, saying goodbye to many (at the end of the curating we parted with 200 books after sorting and curating over 700!). 

The silver lining ~ there will be many other books which will make their way into my life. In 2022, I read some new books and re-read a few. I share with you what I read with hope that you too will be inspired to read! 

Books Read in 2022 

The Privilege of Being a Woman* - Alice vonHildebrand

Manual For Women - Danielle Bean 

Everyday With Mary - Dr. Mary Amore 

Crown of the Virgin - St. Ildephonsus of Toledo and Fr. Robert Nixon

Sermons in a Sentence* - St. Teresa of Avila

Building the Benedict Option - Leah Libresco

Becoming Women of the Word - Sarah Christmeyer 

Just Rest* - Sonja Corbett

The Little Way of Living with Less - Laraine Bennett

Freedom Through Christ - Elza Spaedy

Come Away By Yourselves* - Charles Fraune, M.A. 

Fire Within - Fr. Thomas Dubay

The Metabolism Reset Diet* - Dr. Alan Christiansen, NMD

The Willpower Advantage - Tome Peterson & Ryan Hanning 

How to Pray Like Mary - Sonja Corbett

Undone* - Carrie Schuchts Daunt, etal.

Eating on the Wildside* - Jo Robinson

The Body Keeps the Score - Dr. Bessell Van der Kolk

Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home* - Becky Rapinchuk

Atomic Habits* - James Clear 

Hashimoto’s Protocol* - Isabella Wentz PharmD, FASCP

*Have read this book before  

Many women in the community ask me “How in the world do you have time to read?!?” Well, I read daily. I keep a book on my desk to keep me from excessively checking email - when I have a lull and I am tempted to procrastinate: I read. Before bed, as part of my pre-sleep routine, I read. When we travel in our camper van, I read. When I need to wind-down, you guessed it, I read. 

Others cultivate this habit by setting a goal to read 10 pages or 10 minutes per day. Some of these pages can even be what you read aloud with your children or your spouse. During our almost 30 years of marriage I am unsure just how many volumes I have read aloud on road trips, vacations and long car rides to see relatives! This year I plan to add reading outdoors for 20 minutes a day to my repertoire! Where do you like to read?! 

If you have never made a goal to read more, I encourage you to make it a goal. Here's the beginning of my booklist for 2023: 

The Practice of the Presence of God

The Soul of Shame 

12 Week Year


Leisure: The Basis of Culture 

Jesus I Trust in You: A 30-day Personal Retreat 

The Noonday Devil

Be Restored

Redeeming Your Time 

Deep Work

Ruthless Elimination of Hurry 

Interior Castle 

The Power of Play

Here's to another year of reading... reading good books! 


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